Central Louisiana: downsizing.


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Jun 12, 2007
Tioga, Louisiana
Hey y'all. Well, I'm downsizing my flock. I've got a few mixed breed hens, (1) mixed breed rooster, (1) RIR hen, (1) golden polish hen, (2) silkie hens, (2) jersey giant cockerels, (1) Quail D'Anver hen, and a few more here and there. All the hens have been good layers, the cocks haven't been aggressive at all. I'm about to get back into showing rabbits, so I need to cut down my flock in order to balance out the feed bill. They range from six months to a year and four months old.

I'm asking $2 per mixed breed bird, $3 per rooster, and $5 per pure bred layer.

I would love if some of you guys from around here would take them. They're good birds, I just can't keep as many and justify two feed bills.

[edit:] most of these birds are pretty shy, unless you have treats.
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Mar 5, 2008
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Can I come over to pick them?

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