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  1. For anyone who lives in mid missouri, there is a hatchery in Fulton run by an older fellow from the golden age of poultry. It's a small, low tech operation, but he keeps costs low that way. No website or e-mail but he'll mail you a flyer with the prices and photos. Cackle Hatchery is too far a drive for me, since I only need a few chicks and don't want to pay for shipping. I know Orscheln's has chicks for sale around Easter but I'd rather support the locals.

    Address: Griffith Poultry Farm
    4791 County Road 105
    Fulton MO
    Phone: 573-642-2114

    He sells Guinea Keats, Buff Orphington, Jersey Giants, Barred Plymouth Rock, Brown Leghorns, Single comb Ancona's and Rhode Island Reds, Americaunas, Black and Red Sex Links, and Bearded White Silkies.

    He said he'd have day old chicks ready in early March, so I'm going to go pick them up there.
    I'll let you know how it goes.....It will be my first experience getting chickens.

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    any bantams?
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    Does he ship?
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    Quote:Where is this Hatchery? I notice it has a( 573) area code. Is it anywhere near Farmington? How close is it to St. Louis, Mo. I'll have to look it up. Thanks for posting. I'm always on the look out for something closer.
  5. I didn't see any banties advertised in the flyer. [​IMG]

    He does ship chicks. I think it is anywhere between 8 to 14 dollars for shipping depending on how many chicks and where. If you call the number listed above, he'll mail you a simple flyer with the breeds he sells.

    Fulton Missouri is about 2 to 2.5 hours from St. Louis (Take 54 South off Interstate 70 at Kingdom City and the Fulton exits are about 15 minutes from I-70.)

    I think I've decided on buff orphingtons and plymouth rocks. I'm going to try buying three of each and hope they get along okay. I told my husband and neighbors that the first one that crows or attacks gets to be dinner.

    I am so looking forward to having baby chicks! [​IMG]

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    Please let us know how it goes! Fulton is closer to my home than Lebanon is by about half...and I had thought of getting birds from him last year but just went with Orscheln because they were closer. I'm looking for Ameraucanas and Orpingtons.

    Trisha in MO
  7. Okay, I mailed a check yesterday... I'm hoping to get my chicks on Feb 28th, the day before leap day.... I need to go vote today also for the primaries.
  8. Darn, the first round of chicks won't be hatched until March 11th. He hatches on tuesdays which is the day you have to pick them up. Everything is sold as straight run except for the black and red sex link which is what I ended up ordering. I can't afford to make my neighbors mad with a crower. Does anyone have experience with these two crossbreeds? I ordered 6 total.

    Oh, I hope good things come to those who wait.....:eek: *chomping at the bit*

    Thanks. Teddi
  9. Ha, ha, here we are a month later, and my chomping at the bit led me to buy a total of 10 different baby chicks from the farm store here. This is America, land of instant gratification.

    Today we went and picked up my chicks!
    The hatchery was somewhat hard to find. You take Hwy 54 to the Fulton exit F. Take F toward Fulton and turn left onto Business 54. Business 54 connects with Z which you turn onto (going east or north I think) Just as you are leaving town, there is a telephone post which blocks the street sign which says 105, so if you aren't looking carefully you won't see it on your left until the very last second (as you are parallel to it almost). CR 105 is a gravel road, you follow it about 2 miles then it curves sharply to the right (if you turn left you end up in a private drive) Just as the curve straightens out, you'll see a gravel drive with a big sign that says "Griffith Poultry Farm" on the left. You'll pass some guineas on your left and the hatchery is at the bottom of the drive. Beware the fat dalmation that likes to bark, growl, and get too close for comfort.

    He had a barn of either americaunas or auracaunas right outside the hatchery door you could see. I never knew they could get so big!

    I went in and he has some poultry supplies when you walk in, feeders and waterers, etc. The door to the left is where he had the chicks all boxed up and ready to go. They were in the shipping boxes with some pine shavings just cheeping away. My dad and sister went with me. I ended up with 3 black and 3 red sex links. The black ones are so tiny! These are my first day old chicks!

    I put my little handwarmer in the box to keep them warm, and they pipped the whole way home. My sister fell in love. I think I may give her some when they get older (Especially since it will annoy her boyfriend if I gift them to her) [​IMG]
    I got them home and dipped their beaks in the water and put them in the small brooder box with my BO pullet chick and NH pullet chick I bought last week at the farm store. Now they are 'big sisters' that have to show the little ones how to act. I can't get over how tiny the black ones are! They must have just barely dried off before I picked them up! So far they are all doing really well and drinking and pecking away!

    Now I'm up to my neck in chickens! 16 chicks total! My husband keeps telling me we are going to name them after food like nugget, strip, cacciatore, broth, wings, BBQ, etc. I won't deny his right to eat the mean ones...

    I'll post pictures later tonight!

  10. Okay, here's some pics of my new chicks with Butterball and Skinny Blonde playing big sisters to them. So far so good!

    Red Ruby sex link chick:


    Group photos:



    Note: Butterball looks straight at the camera as if guarding her new younger sibs!
    Butterball is my BO pullet I bought from the farm store (Orschelns)




    TA DAH!

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