Central Ohio - for sale 7 month old Partridge Silky Rooster


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Jan 27, 2009
I have a sweet little silky roo (Truffle) for sale. He was purchased from Meyer Hatchery last August. He has just started crowing (not terribly loudly) and we don't want to cause troubles with our neighbors, who right now are in love with the chickens. So, he must go
. He is partidge and has a very dark maroon comb. Before winter, his earlobes were very bright teal, but they have dulled to the color of the wattles, it appears. On one foot it looks like he has a deformed toe, or two toes fused - I have not looked at this very carefully so I can't say for sure. We have fertilized eggs from him, and I have seen him taking care of his little harem!

I'm asking $5 for him, or the best offer. I do not want to try and fool with shipping him, so this will be pick up only, in Fredericktown. PM me if you're interested, and I will try to get a few pictures posted.


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