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    central Ohio
    Uh, price is not necessarily fixed, but I had to put something in. Two chestnut mares, ages 17, 21. 15.1 to 15.3 hands. Owner prefers to sell (or lease) together. currently being ridden Western. The older mare is very nice, suitable for a less experienced rider, The younger mare needs a more experienced rider, but she can be a fun ride. She has uveites (sp) but it is stabilized and currently only affects one eye. I am entering this for a friend, further info available upon request, contact to discuss price, etc. Owner anxious to sell quickly, or lease is an option. Oh, also...the older one is a quarter horse, the younger one a quarter horse/ saddlebred cross. She has been used as a broodmare before and has had two foals, both successful live births. I don't have any pics immediately available but can get some if needed. Both horses are used for pleasure riding, no experience in competition.
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