Central Oklahoma - 6 month old Light Brahma rooster needs a home


12 Years
Jun 7, 2007
Central SC (recently central OK)
New residents of the Village in OK City got cited for having a pet chicken in their backyard. We now have him (in the Norman area) but need to find him a home because we already have 2 roosters and not enough hens (and rooms in the coop) to go around. He's beautiful, big, not very noisy, used to having children around. Please email me if interested: ch[email protected].

I'm hoping he will find a nice home so I can tell his prior family that he didn't end up as Sunday dinner. Thanks.
He has only been with us since Saturday but has not acted the least bit mean or aggressive to us. He was also not mean or aggressive with the family who had him and they have children who would hold him; they didn't even know he was a rooster, duh. I know exactly what you mean though as one of our bantam roosters kicks the heck out of us every time he sees us; wish I could get rid of him instead!

I actually have a friend from Pawnee visiting me this afternoon so could send him up to you if you are interested. If he turned out to be mean or aggressive, we can surely take him back. I'll see if I can figure out how to PM you my phone number in case you want to talk about it today while I have a ride for him (she will probably leave here about 3, I'm guessing). I'll want to know you're chicken situation and plans for him, of course. :) Thanks for considering him - he is beautiful and I really wish I could keep him.
Oh, my gosh, that is terrific to hear. I'm so very happy. Interestingly, I heard from two other people after you, also wanting to adopt him! I think it must be true that Brahmas are wonderful roosters. Thanks so much. He's a lucky fellow.

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