Central Oklahoma - young rouen ducks looking for a good home


12 Years
Jun 7, 2007
Central SC (recently central OK)
We have 4 abandoned rouens looking for a home. They are 2 months old and are 2 males and 2 females. One male has a good sized crest and one female has a very small crest. All seem healthy and are beautiful. They have not been handled much but can be tempted to come up to me for tomatoes. :) These are pets, not to be adopted to be eaten or to start a duck breeding business. To adopt them, you need to have some plan for their security, particularly for night time. If you have duck or chicken experience, you will know the importance of protection from predators! They do not require a pond. There is no fee, I just want them to have a good home where they can be happy pets. I can provide photos if anyone would like to see them; they are cuties (if I can figure out how to get pictures onto my new computer!). Thank you. Email is the easiest, quickest way to reach me.
I think I figured out the pictures. Below are the rouen teenagers. They are still looking for a good home. They are in Oklahoma.

Here (above) is the crested fella.

And here (above) is the group. The males will get the male mallard colors in another couple of months while the females will remain this brown-based color. Thanks.
I'm very sorry but I live in lousiana.
But they r very pretty and would love to have them but I can't

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