Ceramic Heat Source for DIY incubator....

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    Feb 20, 2015
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    So I came across the LasKo 200watt personal heater.

    this heater is fan forced by the same 12dc fan you see in many other bator's[​IMG]

    I ordered it pulled it apart and just like the movies I clipped the BLUE wire leading to the ceramic element and spliced my own wire into it. this will lead to the contacts on a
    Docooler 10A 110V Digital Temperature Controller Thermocouple -58~194 Fahrenheit with Sensor

    switching only the element and leaving the little fan running continuously providing the forced air.

    The heater does have an internal limit switch to prevent it overheating. I tested it in a cooler and it went well over 120F and never shut down.

    Has anyone used the ceramic heat for incubator if so has it worked out well for you?

    I will try to photo log the final build and keep this updated as I work out the details.
    Right now I have secured the heat source and the temp control as well as the forced air fan for (included in heater) for a total of 32.00.
    I am thrilled with the idea of using the heater in its housing as it is always cool to touch and should be very safe for chicks.
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