Chain Gang Chickens :lol:


14 Years
Jun 10, 2007
Draneville, Georgia
Hi All,

My DH is so proud of my chickens we now are wanting to exploit them, just joking! But really yesterday evening I found an arrowhead in the "jacuzzi" where our big girls take their baths. I would post a picture but haven't figured out the my page and how to post them.

Anyway, we joked today that we were going to put them on a chain gang and search our property for more arrowheads and flint.


1 DH, 2 RIR, 1 Black Sex-Link, 6 Japanese Bantams, 3 Old English, 2 Labs, 2 Doxies.
An update to my Chaing Gang Chickens. We now have found a spearhead and pieces of flint. My DH won't move the pen so I can back hoe and see what other artifacts are there. We scan the pen each time we go out there now to see if anything else is there. I'll keep anyone that's interested updated.
We found 8 points a spearhead and a scrapper and all dug up by our "Girls". nothing has been found in a long time but the out coop was just pulled out and now that area can be searched.
Way cool! Keep us posted!!
Here's a picture of all the pieces that my "Girls" have found. All but 4 were found by the chickens and all were found on our property. My DH just built a new coop so the old one is out and now they can dig where it was. I wonder if they will find anymore? Hope so!!

Memphis, yes we thought so to when the first few surfaced. There were Indians all along our property of 25 acres. There is a creek on the very edge of our property and that is probably why they were here specifically. We are very proud that our original hens dug them up. We only have a RIR that is left from our first chickens that did all the digging.


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