Chance of Survival?


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Aug 20, 2014
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I had a few hatch with 'stuff' attached to them that came off soon after. They were the first hatches and they were fine. I had one that I definitely believe was yolk attached at the end. Two of the three last ones died, I'm not sure if one was the yolk one.

I did read another post where someone had that happen and their duck did ultimately die but that doesn't mean it'll happen with you. I'm not sure anyone would have stats, but I did a quick search and found this from Amykins:

It just means they may have had a bacterial infection or the temp was too low during incubation and they didn't develop fully before hatching. What you need to do is wrap them up in a warm, wet paper towel and place them in a protective container until the yolk fully absorbs. We call this "duck in a cup". You can read about it here:

Also, positive replies for other which indicate odds are good if done properly:

-if the humidity and temp stay right it can take like 7 hours to absorb its yolk sac. need to keep its surroundings clean and sterile so no bacteria gets it

Yay!!!!! Sounds like you did everything right and s/he is going to be fine!!

-Yay - I love happy endings! What need pictures - I've never seen on newly hatched, simply amazing. Congrats on your new babies!
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Mar 15, 2014
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I got home from school, and it isn't red or swollen the feathers have covered it like a normal duck belly... this duck continues to amaze me. we put some antibiotic ointment on it, I guess it helped


Jul 26, 2014
Omg, adorable!!!

But yeah, you are doing the right thing putting antibiotic ointment on it. The swelling should continue to go down. :)

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