Changed bedding in coop from straw to hay and the girls stopped laying!! Help!!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Shaniko, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Sep 23, 2012
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    We ran out of straw that we put in coop and in nest boxes, so my wife bought grass hay from the feed store. I thought no big deal and used it like I would the straw. Ever since I went from five eggs a day from six chickens to one or two and today zero. My question is did changing from straw to hay make them stop laying? If not does anyone have any ideas?

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    No changeing the bedding should not have had any effect on there laying in my experience. I change mine from shavings to straw to hay what ever I can get or have on hand at the time. They could be starting to molt, or it could be a change in the weather. You do not say where you are from. HOw often do you change the bedding. I clean about once every couple of months or as it gets dirty. They are pretty good about keeping the nest boxes clean.
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    I would give them a few days before you start to worry. Chickens don't like change and can get stressed out but really odd/minor things. They might just need a week or so to get used to it.
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    I imagine it's the weather as I've been reading a lot of people saying the same thing. BUT, I changed my coop from sand to pine shavings today and the girls threw a FIT when it came time to roost. I actually had to go put on a light and check on them to make sure they were okay as I could hear them flapping and talking and I'm sure they were saying some not-so-nice stuff. My girls have been very consistent laying and if anyone slacks off tomorrow, I'll know it was the change in bedding.

    They can certainly get upset with change, that's for sure!

    EDIT: All three of my girls gave me an egg this morning so the change in bedding didn't hold them back. Thankfully!
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