Changing food, my girls won't eat


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10 Years
Jun 20, 2009
I read years ago that chickens do not like change. I was careful to always feed my girls the same feed. About a year ago I switch feeds because there is a feed to store close to my house as opposed to driving far away. The girls didn't mind. Just two weeks ago the new feed store changed the feed. I gave it to my girls and the won't eat it. It's been two weeks and I am wondering, what are they eating and how long will this standoff last. They do free range in my yard and I do put food out for them in the compst heap, but can that be enough. They don't seem unhappy and egg production has not been effected yet.


8 Years
Oct 26, 2011
Don't worry it then. Check the feed though there may be something off about it . Also if the nutritional quality is different they may not need to eat as much. If they are maintaining weight and producing eggs yu might try taking it away and then tossing them a little at a time to see if they will take it that way and get used to it.They may just be getting all they need from foragng

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