Chantecler Ear Infection??


11 Years
Apr 23, 2010
Hello Everyone,

We have a Chantecler hen that seems to have ear canker? Ears are filling up with pus plug. We have been cleaning out daily using warm water/peroxide, Neosporin and not going in to deep. This has been going on for week. We also started her on VetRx. One ear may be clearing up a little. However, she is just not feeling good. She wants to eat but not quite opening her mouth wide enough to pick up food. She does go the water. There is no other pus anywhere on her like her mouth, nose, eyes. No drainage. So my questions are, does this sound like ear canker or something more and is there a safe way I can get some food in her along with enough water? Any an all recommendations are welcomed and very much appreciated. Oh and she sits with her head buried in her wings and doesn't want to always keep her eyes open.
Thank you in advance!

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