Chantecler special meet at APA 2010 National?

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    Jim, club policy is that three or more club members be expected to show in order to qualify for a C.F.I. meet.
    Bob has managed to get the required three for his proposed meet at the South Dakota State Fair. I won't be able to make the trip to Oklahoma this year. If you will confirm that Ann will show hers and find one more to show we will place a meet. But would like the info prior to the next newsletter coming out in September so we can publicize the meet. We will need dates, location, and contact info for the show secretary. Thanks for asking.

    Mike Gilbert
    Chantelcer Fanciers International

    We need to know ASAP if you are planning on showing any Chanteclers at Shawnee, Oklahoma so we can have a special Chantelcer Fanciers International meet. I know our Arkansas State APA Rep, Ann Charles is planning on going, or at least sending some birds. This is an opportunity to show off our Chanteclers.

    Perhaps a friend can bring your Chanteclers with them. Please post if you are planning on exhibiting any Chanteclers at Shawnee on this thread or let Mike know ASAP. Thanks!

    Learn more about the 2010 American Poultry Association Annual Meet at

    Ideal Poultry Farms sells hundreds of Chanteclers each year. Surely some of you will want to show them off at Shawnee!​

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