Charly and the dead hen


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Jan 7, 2009
Sand Coulee MT
Im not sure if this is the right place to post this but there isn't really a category for this story. I have a little guy who lives down the street from me. He is nine and his name is Charly. Charly loves to play with my chickens and he races home from school so he can collect eggs for me. Iv'e been teaching him a little bit about some of the breeds I have and I explained about dual purpose birds. I told him that my buff orps could lay eggs or I could fry them for dinner.
One of my older buff orps had been losing weight but was eating ok and didnt appear to be in any pain. I was aware she was beginning to decline but since she was aware, active, eating, and seemingly pain free I decided to let nature just take its course.
Charly came by to gather eggs and came racing back into the house. He told me he thought my chicken was dead. I went out to check and sure enough the old gal had crawled into a nest box laid a big fat egg and then just peacefully closed her eyes and passed away. She was still warm as was her egg. She has literally died about 5 minutes prior. I explained to young Charly that Miss Mona had passed away as gently as I could so that his tender young heart wouldnt be so hurt.
Charly looked up at me and said in his sweet nine year old's voice" Can we fry her?"
Gotta love little boys!
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Oh my gosh!!! That is soooooo funny! I'd never do it, but I could just imagine how it sounded when he asked the question!!!

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