chased off a hawk


9 Years
Nov 1, 2010
Northern L.P. Michigan
I've had a few run in's with hawks this year. One got a chicken, another was not successful because they were in the covered run at the time. Today the guineas started having fits when I check it out I see a hawk flying over. It went into the woods with me yelling at it and waving my arms. It kept circling over the coop. The chicken were all hiding under an old jeep and in the coop. It had no intention of leaving until my husband came out with the bottle rockets. The hawk decided it was time to leave!


9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
Escanaba, MI
Quote:Are you sure it was a hawk? Very likely it was a turkey vulture. They ride the thermals, circling high overhead. I know my chickens put up a huge fuss when one circles, but unless my chickens are suddenly zombies or drop over dead, a turkey vulture doesn't care.

If your chickens have ample hiding spots, which it sounds as if they do, they'll hide until the danger has passed if it is an actual bird of prey.

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