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Jul 10, 2009
North Carolina Sandhills
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My Coop
Trust a baby chicken to get into trouble.

I've already had two chickens out of the run this morning so I was too exasperated to get a cute picture, but it was pretty funny ...

DH was looking out the window and saw one of the 9-week-old Cuckoo Marans fly up from in the pen and land on one of the extra support posts I have for the electric netting -- which was on.

She settled there long enough for me to go out and walk up to her before trying to jump down and nearly getting tangled because the post she was on is shorter than the netting itself.

Fortunately, both feathers and rubber muck boots are good insulators so I was able to rescue her and put her back inside without either of us getting zapped.

Here's a photo that shows the post -- the shorter, white one behind the garden-destroying monster's head. Chasseur was sitting there like the ornament on a flagpole looking proud of herself.

0720211847a - Copy.jpg
Good thing most grow out of flying up so high. I guess she figured out a way around the electric fencing. :)

She was sitting right ON one of the support posts in the netting. No problem since she wasn't grounded.

(I freaked my mother out by handling my electric net while it was on one time. I was wearing rubber muck boots and the weather was dry -- I DON'T try that in other shoes or when it's wet).

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