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Chattanooga, TN (surrounding areas) CHICKEN LOVERS

Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by StacyTN, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. StacyTN

    StacyTN Chirping

    Well, we'll see how this goes but I would like to start a thread here for everyone in & around the Chattanooga, TN area.

    I find it's nice to know others in the more immediate area for numerous reasons: staying up-to-date on issues in the area, getting to know area breeders, selling/buying, upcoming local events, sharing knowledge etc. etc. etc.

    A little about me personally (well at least when it comes to chickens/poultry etc.):

    I live in Ooltewah, but actually it's more like north Harrison area. I'm actually closer to Birchwood, off HWY.58, than I am in the hub of Ooltewah.
    I bought my first chickens just last summer, June. We set out just wanting a few "cute" chickens for pets and then maybe a few hens to supply us eggs. Well, 6 months later at one point we had some 54 but we are currently down to 29 BUT my plans are come late Feb. to start either letting a broody hen hatch some of our eggs or use the incubator.

    Hope to get some local members to join the thread, so pass it along.

  2. poultrylady

    poultrylady Songster

    Feb 12, 2008
    Delano, Tn.
    Glad to see you started this, I always thought we needed a southeast tn. thread. I live in Delano Tn. in Polk Co. near the Mennonite/Amish horse and buggy community. I raise quite a bit of poultry, what started out as a hobby 10 yrs. has turned into a full time job! I raise heritage breeds birds, 18 different breeds of chickens, geese, quineas, turkeys, pheasants, doves, mandrian ducks, muscovey ducks, 4 varieties of quail, and peafowl. Hatching season has started here, I always look forward to seeing the first chicks of the year!
  3. StacyTN

    StacyTN Chirping

    Glad to have you and please pass the word along. Already excited about building this little community becuase it's people like you with so many yrs. experience that can be so helpful by sharing you experieinces & knowledge.

    Good luck with hatching season & do please share pics of all your breeds.
  4. dan2

    dan2 Chirping

    Feb 2, 2013
    Hi, Scottsboro, Alabama here. About 30 minutes or so from Southpittsburg. Does that qualify for surrounding area?
  5. StacyTN

    StacyTN Chirping

    You bet! [​IMG]

    Glad to have ya here.

    What poultry etc. do you currently own and how long have you dealt with the hobbie/business?
  6. StacyTN

    StacyTN Chirping

    Please place all ads in the Buy Sell Trade forum. Thanks.

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  7. dan2

    dan2 Chirping

    Feb 2, 2013
    Thank you. I am currently raising Giants,Light Bramahas,Barred Rock,White Leghorn,Rhode Island Reds,Cochin ,Buff and American Game for crossing and natural incubators.
    I am crossing mostly for fun to see if I possibly can improve.
    I have had an active hobbie for about 5 years. Semi retired and spending time in the yard.

  8. littlechicklet

    littlechicklet Songster

    Apr 26, 2012
    East TN
    [​IMG] all. I am east of Knoxville. We have had chickens on and off for 15 yrs or more. We have them for pure pleasure and fresh eggs. We do not hatch, sell or show. I am currently trying to establish a nice backyard flock of bbs Orps and hatch some EE chicks since mine are getting older. Thanks for starting the thread.
  9. StacyTN

    StacyTN Chirping

    Glad you found this thread. I was going to PM and let you know. Interesting, I've seen you on other threads but never realized you do not hatch, sell or show. I don't show and really have no plans too but I am (matter fact just placed the eggs in incubator about 15 mins.) trying my first round of hatching from eggs my hens are giving me. Really I plan to only sell if & when I get too many. Questions is, when will I have too many.[​IMG]
    We definetly are enjoying supply our own eggs. Being I am so new to this, who knows what I may do in the future, but for now I get great joy tending to my flock and never realized how close & attached I could get to a chicken/s.

    Welcome [​IMG]
  10. amenfarm

    amenfarm Songster

    May 10, 2011
    Chattanooga, TN
    Thanks StacyTn for starting a Chattanooga surrounding area thread. It is always great to find people who like chicken stories/info! Hopefully, if chicken legal has it's way, there will be more urban chattanooga chicken keepers finding us. Wecome dan2[​IMG].
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2013

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