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    Hi. I'm new to the forum. I plan on introducing myself however I need some advice right now. My daughter and I raised 3 sikies, a rhode island red,and a black sex a rubbermaid box..:) When they reached 12wks I took them to my friends stable.They had a stall and we visited them regulary.(sp?) I missed them so much!! I couldn't stand seeing them because it felt so bad. At that point I knew I had to bring them back. We live in a track house...[​IMG] We have a good size yard and I checked to see if we could have them. We are allowed 4 hens no rooster. One silky turned out to be a rooster so I had to adopt him out. Anyway, our RHR is sooooo loud. She talks all the time. My husband and I decided that we had to have her go back to my friends. I took her there yesterday and imediatly her rooster took her in but her other two hens targeted her just as quick. My friend called me and said that they are being overly awful to her and she had to separate them. So my baby is alone and singled out. She asked me if I'd be willing to have our BSL come back too, or take her back. She wants to have them come in numbers so she won't be so targeted alone. I can't bear the thought of losing another or her being alone....Has anyone had a similar experience and a resolution??? How can I keep her from being sooooo loud? One of our neighbors is PO'd . He's impossible anyway...

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    My experience is that you can not silence a hen that wants or needs to "chat."

    In regards to the one getting picked on, are you sure that it is not just normal pecking order behavior? It can look a little brutal at times, and may last two weeks, but it really is necessary to "endure" in order to ensure peace down the road. Separating them will just prolong the inevitable.

    Oh, how rude of me: [​IMG]
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    She's a chicken, she talks. Especially when she's doing her Egg Dance & Song, she's going to make some noise but nothing like a barking dog. Since you say your neighbor is impossible anyhow, I'd see about making sure to keep her on the far side of the house from him and let her rip. I mean, they go to bed before the sun is all the way down, and even construction is allowed to make noise during daylight hours.

    If you're getting eggs, I'd make up a half dozen and leave them on his porch, he'd probably settle down some after that.

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