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Feb 25, 2009
guys i need help! my i recently had one chicken with a rooster so i decide to buy another one "the more the merrier" so when i let the new one in the run the oldest one decides to just rush at it and they begin to fight i spent an hour trying to make them friends but they just wont get along i held them together to see if the would like each other but they just peck each other and then the rooster helps its mate! SOME ONE PLZ HELP ME!! what can i do??!?!1
When you add another chicken into the gang without warning they will be aggressive !

It is a good idea to keep that new bird a good distance away from your birds for at least a month as a quarrantine measure. After that time I would keep them apart by just chicken wire until they get used to seeing each other. Take it from there and see how they do. It may take time for adjustment. Then MAYBE they'll be OK. But if I've read right on here, anytime you have a rooster & hen then add another hen (I think that's what your post said) you're gonna have a little trouble.

Please don't let the new bird in there with them if they are aggressive. You can't just throw them in together. Keep her isolated with fresh food & water till they get used to having another bird around.
thnks but its mostly the chicken who was with the rooster who starts the problems
Well, she's po'd about the competition! (the other hen). Please keep your new one isolated far from the other two for 4 weeks or so. Watch for any disease or symptoms or of anything suspicious with your new bird. After that time, and the new bird is disease free, allow them to see each other without contact. This will take time. Don't rush it.
i sure will i already started building a new coop for the new one incase it doesn't get along with it and to shelter it for now adn yes i will look for anything that dsnt look normal and BIG THANK YOU! i really appreciate all the help! ty

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