Cheap Chinese 48 egg incubator


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Jul 28, 2015
Cheap Chinese 48 egg incubator.

So I had bought one of these last year. Did about 2 or 3 runs just fine. This last run…it seems the heating stopped working. I think the heating element needs replaced.

I took it apart and traced the wires from the element to the control board. It appears the used some sort of glue on the connector….or silicone to adhere around the connector.

Any idea how to replace this without breaking the unit? I hate to toss this in the trash and order another.


Aug 30, 2015
I had similar issue on day 25 first hatch. I dunno about glue to connector/control board but I took mine apart and plugged in, small metal heat element with connector/2 red wires(which btw is available on ebay for $18) is heating up. Not sure if its not as hot as it once was or ?? Didn't take it apart when it worked.

Mine won't get up to temp I set of 39C, only up to 29C. I've read the elements go out frequently...I'm thinking of just trying to add a second one? Or maybe a bigger loop wire heater from my styrofoam one(since styrofoam is broken...evil mice in storage room)....Not sure, what did you end up doing?

I would imagine you could just splice red wires to replace the element instead of changing them out inside control board.

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