cheap coop ideas?


9 Years
Apr 14, 2013
Loretto, TN
.We have a decent sized fence-panel dog run that is currently being used to house my rescue kittens when they are outside; I think they are mature enough to let them out to roam now. It already has chicken wire across the top and a tarp over the kennel to keep out rain and provide shade. The dimensions are 4x6x8. I can easily find add-on panels if we wanted to increase the size of the coop, either on craigslist or on sale from Walmart. We have plenty of chicken wire and hardware cloth.

How many standard hens would this support? My husband can rig low-profile lawnmower tires to the bottom to make it into a chicken tractor.

Chick Charm

10 Years
What is the footprint of the kennel? 4 X 6 or is it 6 X 8 ?

If it is 4 X 6, I would put only 2 full sized birds in there. Maybe 4 bantams.
If it is 6 X 8, I would put up to 5 full sized birds and maybe 8 bantams.

If you are able to free range them during the day then you certainly could add more birds.

Wish ya the best. And

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