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    I saw where somebody here posted about getting an old aluminum sign from the county resell yard or wherever and using it as a pop door and it hit me where to get something like that for free. Ask a real estate agent! Often times agents change companies and end up with a bunch of useless signs, I opened a new brokerage a couple of years ago and went through 2 designs that once I got them I did not like and started over, I could shingle a coop in aluminum signs! If anyone asked me I would be happy to give them away and so would any other Realtor we want you to remember us when its time to sell or buy:) My signs are 30"x24" so cut in half that would make two doors:) I am in Idyllwild CA should anyone need a sign... That same post the person used PVC lattice cap for the channels an 8' section sells for like $8-$10 at the big box stores. I am full of ideas, no coop no chickens yet, lots of ideas....
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    That sounds like a great idea! Thanks for sharing!! [​IMG]
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    Love Idyllwild. You ready for some snow?
  4. IdyllwildAcres

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    Not yet, we have a snow guessing contest here and I usually guess mid Jan to feb, of course I have never one it... But I have come close. I want it to hold off, I am building some fences and a coop and run, I do not need snow yet! At the same time grateful for whatever moisture we get:)
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    Jul 27, 2016
    Six inches of snow here already and still snowing...

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