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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by duckncover, Jan 8, 2015.

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    Does anyone have a working LG or Hovabator type incubator laying around that they could sell me cheap? Maybe even a homemade incubator if you can provide proof that it hatches. I am looking to hatch some button quail in the spring. Let me know if you can help. I am having trouble making my own incubator.
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    It is not extremely likely that someone would sell an LG or Hovabator for $20....only because they cost around $50 to buy depending on where you get them and if you want an autoturner and circulated air model...and incubators hold their value.

    If you were wanting a very small incubator (3 chicken eggs/8 quail eggs) that you have to manually turn you can get a GQF Havabator Mini Incubator for $25 with shipping on ebay.

    If you want something that hold 50 chickens eggs or so....those are $45 plus shipping
    Autoturner $45 plus shipping
    Circulated air kit $29.99
    So thats $120

    If you dont care about brand you can get a Janoel8-48 for $86 with a turner and circulated air. You can get a knockoff of that incubator for $65.

    Alternatively maybe you can find someone local who would hatch the button quail for you or would let you borrow an incubator.

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