Cheap Mixed Breed Roo's in northern NJ

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  1. I have WAYYYYY to many roosters and have to get rid of a few. I'll start with Pumpkin...his father was a white silkie and his mother was an EE. he's a really nice looking bird but he's hardly been handled. He needs a little work. He will be a year old at the end of August. can't see in the pix but he has green legs and feathered feet. i'm asking $5 for him.

    i think i will be home this weekend if anyones interested.
    i will have to get back to you on times though...later tonight i will be back on.



    and i also have a 2 month old roo that i need to get rid of...out of my 27 chickens i have 10 roos that dont get along with each other...thats a problem...he's a silkie x EE mixed with something else. not a very good pic but here he is. he's free to a good home. it looks like he's going to be bantam sized.

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    Northern NJ
    What town are you in?
  3. hampton
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    Are you sure the second one is a rooster? That looks very much like a hen to me! GOod luck finding homes for these guys! I'm a fellow New Jersyan too!

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