Cheap mixed eggs Greens,olives, and brown eggs. $1 a doz plus act ship


Cochins R Us
15 Years
Nov 10, 2007
Mooresburg TN
I have some mixed eggs for sale. all eggs are big sized eggs . I ahve green, olive, and brown eggs. Roosters are EE, Turken, Rosecomb RIR, and a stanbdard cochin. EE is the boss RIR is the next boss. Hens are EE, RIR, Black jersy giants, black sexlinks, barred rocks, and many others. asking $1 a doz plusd actual shipping.

I have 20 eggs ready to go now for just $1.50 plus actual shipping.
how much for those and anymore you get tomorrow shipped to 75835. ill send you the pay pal info in a few. got the duck eggs in the other day btw still waiting to see if they took the trip ok i know a few got jossled by usps
I need a dozen to ship to 44021 please

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