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    Apr 27, 2008
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    I really don't have the money tp buy a very expensive incubator, but I would be interested if there is anywhere that would sell used, or pretty cheap but reliable incubators. [​IMG]:eek:
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    Used incubators will bring within a few dollars of a new one, [​IMG] I know this sounds silly but they will! U can build one, there are post here in the incubation section where people have made them and had good hatches. [​IMG] They list all the material too, so U can get an idea of the cost.Cutler Supply has a website and have the best prices and service of all. I've ordered from them, U can get a top of the line Genesis 1588/w turner for 142.60 plus shipping. [​IMG]
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    You might try Ebay. Sometimes you can get a good deal on one there. That's where I got mine and I didn't pay much for it. It's an older model forced air Hovabator and it is extremely accurate and reliable.

    Good luck with your search.

  4. MaranDude

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    Apr 27, 2008
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    thank you!
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    You can make one from a $3 stryofoam ice chest and an old lamp socket. Many have done so, including me.
    Add a salvaged computer fan and a thrift store power supply and you can have a forced air incubator.
    I see now that some people are even using an old electric skillet from that same thrift store, so many things are possible.
    Heres the How To page here at BYC:

    Down at the bottom are 8 ideas to get you started. I also suggest you do a google search for "home made incubator." Youll get more ideas than you can shake a stick at.

    I would urge you to gather your facts and understand the process BEFORE you take the plunge. If you do, you will see how easy it is.
    The harder part is coming up with strong, vigorous stockf or your hatching eggs that hasnt been misbred.

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