cheapish coop/run for a hand full of guineas?

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    Aug 22, 2011
    Don't have them yet, but in a few months come spring, I'm hoping to get a handful of guinea eggs!! Finally got my mom to agree to some sort of bird! haha, anyways, i want to start saving up for the coop and run, I plan to free range them during the day, but need a safe place for them at night!

    Do you guys have any pics good for guineas? and tips on what to add to a chicken coop design or something? place I might be able to spend a little less on supplies?

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    I don't have guineas, but understand that they should have a set-up similar to a chicken's. Nest boxes, roosts for night time, etc. Since you're full time free ranging, does that mean you don't want a run of any kind?
    It's good that you have plenty of time. That means you have months to scour Craig's List for free or cheap building materials, old playhouses, sheds, etc. There's a Salvation Army store in our town that has a huge warehouse section of building materials. We also have a Habitat for Humanity store that sales building materials at lower costs. So google your area and make a few phone calls to search for local options. [​IMG] Good luck to you!
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    May 14, 2011
    You may also be able to find a lot of what you will need at Lowes or Home Depot in the cull bins.
    I got 244 dollars worth of lumber at Lowes for 70 dollars.

    Are you planning to build or buy the coop?

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