Check out the variety I got when I bought Americaunas...haha...Easter Eggers!

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  1. Vickery

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    Feb 3, 2013
    Carson City, NV
    Above (wind is blowing feathers out) is quite "blond/gray". And has more "muffs"
    This one is HUGE (following)
    Obviously the black/white one is a Barred Rock
    This gal (above and following picture) has a very pink face with less feathers than the rest.
    All a few days shy of 10 weeks and I think at this point they are pullets. Backyard Chicken to the rescue on educating me about what feed stores/hatcheries sell as "Americaunas"! (Am I spelling that right...I see different spellings). These girls (I hope) all have blue legs...I like them no matter WHAT they are!!!
    I guess I thought this was kind of interesting because they all look quite different from one another. What do y'all think? Pullets...Roos?
  2. teach1rusl

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    They're pretty, and look healthy! Of the ones I can see well, I'm only seeing pullets. I love my EEs! Like you, I don't care that they're not true Americaunas [​IMG]

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