Check out this big boi!


Jul 2, 2019
Just wanted to share some pictures of my drake, Toke. Hes a tank! Hes a year and a half old cayuga.
Hes quick to come running for treats but god save the person who trys to pet him or pick him up because he does not stand for that and will bite the crap out of you! Haha but hes good to his ladies even if he does become extra aggressive with people during breeding season. But if you are brave enough he has the floofiest head. :) i love him even if he will go out of his way to attack me during peak breeding season.

Share pictures of your boys! I love seeing everyone's duckies!


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He's a beauty.
Yes he is! Although hes a big jerk I do love him! Hes so heavy though! I thought he would be the same size as my rouens or maybe a bit smaller and he is definitely bigger than them! Not sure if i just have a particularly large cayuga drake or if my rouens are a bit on the small side haha

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