Checker got mugged

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    by two or three other young cockerels, we think. He's covered with blood, mostly from his comb, and one eye is swollen shut. We are bathing his wounds and eye with saline, but if we give him a bath I think I'd like to wait til tomorrow when he's a little calmer. How much baby aspirin and/or Gatorade do we use in water? Should we try to give him some water soluble Tylan for his eye? (That's all we have) or just use eye ointment and antibiotic ointment for his other cuts ? He doensn't seem to be in shock, or anything. By the way, see my other post if anyone wants roos! :mad:
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    Generally recommended aspirin dosage found on BYC is 5 regular aspirin (325 mg each) crushed per GALLON of water (or a little more than 1 tablet per 1/4 gallon). This may help relieve any pain the poor fellow is feeling.

    Re: below post is right - never give aspirin to any being actively bleeding a lot. Okay once you're sure there is little or no bleeding inside or out.
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    If he is bleeding or has a cut DO NOT GIVE ASPRIN.. it thins the blood even more and he could end up bleeding much worse.. and if he has any injuries inside he will bleed to death

    Re the wound.... if its just the comb and eye...

    Use gauze... DO NOT USE COTTON WOOL.. bits of the cotton wool come off and get into the wounds and eyes and do more damage

    Use either plain warm water that has been boiled.. nothing in it ............. or use a tea strength solution of warm water and betadine (iodine) to bath the wounds

    Don't worry about the feathers ... concentrate on the wounds

    He will clean his own feathers or you can do that once the wounds have sealed over... if you try cleaning him up you will stress him out even more than he already is

    Just clean the comb.... don't rub... just dab... let it clot or it will keep on bleeding

    Remove him from the other birds they will peck at the wounds if you don't and make them worse .. he will not fight back and allow them to even peck his eye out

    His eye>
    Eye irritant & eye swelling information
    1. Wash eye gently with a mild eye wash (Saline or tea strength betadine) 3 times a day
    2. Pick up some eye lubricant gel from the Chemist
    3. Each time you flush the eye, use the lubricant gel around the outer surface of the eye, just on the line and a dab directly on the eye
    4. You should notice an improvement within 48 hours
    5. After 1 week, it should be all cleared up
    6. If not, the bird could need antibiotics
    7. It could also be a worm in the eye or conjunctivitis, treat with wormer medication direct to the beak
    8. Do not use cotton wool, only gauze, small particles of the cotton wool will come off and get into the eye causing more damage
    9. Do not rub, only dab

    Antibiotic ointment/drops that may help your bird
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    Thankyou. We have not given him any aspirin yet; were going to give it in the am as I wondered the same thing about thinning blood. We rinsed his wounds with saline and applied neosporin; already have treated his eye with tmycin gel around the outside as it was already open; also washed the eye with saline. He was very grateful and was eating; had a few raisins; and is walking around. He is already isolated in an elevated pen, and seems much better...talking, but looks lonely. He stinks like blood is the main reason we thought about bathing him as I was worried about him attracting predators into the barn as it is open during the day; but probably is not that big a deal? He was definitely the loser in a fight as one of the young cocks has blood on his comb, too...but we have not been able to catch him and hie is not too bad off. I think Checker was more surprised than anything as he has been the boss roo for the past year; we have seen these three young cockerels ganging up on another smaller roo, also. If we cannot find homes for them quickly I have a feeling they'll be headed for the auction yard...

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