CHEEP coop/run for bantams or 2 hens-Budget 39.99 smackers_DONE!

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  1. We were given a free old dog house when we bought a used chain link dog kennel. It looked horrible but I decided to transform it into a mini coop. It will house our children's 4 mille fleur d'uccle bantams and will be a great place for a baby chick nursery/playpen in the summers.

    My goal is to use nearly all recycled materials and spend as little as I can on it. My only anticipated expense will be hardware cloth which I haven't had luck finding used/free/etc.

    Here is what we started with. The wooden structure measures 2.5' x 4'. The run will be about 3.5' x 3' x 5'.



    Sorry for the lousy pics. Our camera lens didn't open all the way. [​IMG]

    I resisted the urge to go buy new paint. (not easy for me) We painted it over the weekend using 6 years old green solid stain that was leftover from our kid's swingset.

    I found old wooden screen panels in our barn that measure roughly 38 x 58. These will make the frame for the run. We had to cut one down to make the ends.

    The kids loved painting and constructing with us. They are taking real ownership in it. [​IMG]
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  2. [​IMG]

    We began reinforcing the run panels with a 2 x4 and used some scrap 1 x 4 for the end panels that were cut.


    Not sure yet how we will attach the end panel for easy access. Any ideas? Probably some type of hinge or merely a hook and eye system with a lock.


    I used a 2 x 4 for their perch. My kids couldn't wait to put in food, shavings and a nest box, even though the chicks aren't coming for another week. [​IMG]

    I will add that I had to ask my patient Dh for some help with the frame for the run. So far, everything else has been done by me and the kids. I have NO building skills btw.....

    This week I will cut a new top for the one rotten side and repaint the other. I need to install the hardware cloth, reinforce and attach the run and decide and finish the end panel/access door.

    Total time so far. 3 hours.
    Total cost so far. $3.00 for the wood.
  3. Bu~KAWK!

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    Jul 21, 2008
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    That looks great and it's such a clever idea!
  4. Davaroo

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    Nice Jen. Good use of reused stuff
  5. WestKnollAmy

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    Apr 22, 2008
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    Looks great! All you kids had a great time, I'm sure!
    It looks a lot like the one we remodeled left over from our large Doberman's. I use it as a tractor for chicks now and it works so well.
    Good luck with your new chicks, they are a blast![​IMG]
  6. Thanks guys. [​IMG] We are really into recycling. Plus I wanted to demonstrate to dh that I can do chickens without spending a fortune (since I bought a new hovabator, some expensive eggs and need him to help me winterize a big shed for our coop which has to hold all our new hatchlings plus the current crew. [​IMG] I am sort of the "Lucy" and he is sort of the "Desit" without the humor and good singing voice.

    Nadine, tell me what wheels you used. I am thinking this will be a tractor too. Trying to make it so the run can be detached from the coop.
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    Is there some fiberglass fly screen on those runs? If so, you better put some hardware wire on all sides because a predator can rip it right thru.

    And if you got some scrap roofing shingles, it would prelong the life of the roof.

    Other than that, good job!
  8. go-veggie

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    Quote:I second that! [​IMG]
  9. Quote:Thanks ewesheep and go veggie. Go back and read why this thing will end up costing so much.[​IMG]

    I'm on it. Otherwise, this thing would cost me 10 smackers.
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  10. WestKnollAmy

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    Apr 22, 2008
    upstate SC
    My DD had an old Radio Flyer wagon left over from her childhood days. We dug it out of the barn and used 2 of the tires with the threaded rod. It worked out pretty darn good on our bumpety ground we have to move it around on.
    Now when we go to the land fill we cruise by the metal dump part looking for old wheels from lawnmowers or what not. [​IMG]

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