Chemo question for those of you that have/ had cancer


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So my mom has stage three cancer and she is overwhelmed with her options. They are telling her once a week in smaller amounts
or once a month in large amounts.
Can anyone tell me if they have had the once a week treatments and what they think is better???
We are all so confused on what to do! This is just so heart braking and trying to do the best thing when you no nothing is terrible!!
Any info would be great!!


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so sorry to hear about your mom.

I haven't had cancer but I do have some experience with my grandmother and chemo. She decided to do it weekly, three weeks on and one off. She was still sick even with the low dose but she was able to enjoy herself and her family.

My uncle had one of the strongest forms of chemo there is and only lost his hair, never even got sick.

I also know it depends on what type of cancer and the type of chemo they plan on using. Ask the hard questions to the doctor if need be do it when mom isn't around. Ask him what type of chemo and what to expect and which one he feels is better. He/she may not want to answer but a good cancer institute will. Ask what she should or should not eat. Take extra vitamins/ calcium supplements. Should she be drinking something like Boost. Should she avoid the sun/heat.

Plus different people react differently.

Once again
I will pray for your mom.


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very sorry your family is facing this challenge, please know you are not alone, even though it can seem like being swept up in a sudden whirlwind that shakes the foundations of our world.

There is a cancer thread here that can offer support (link above), but I would strongly suggest that you and/or your mom connect immediately with a large yahoo group or other that specializes in her specific type of cancer for input, since treatments and the golden standard of treatment varies with each type and each individual. Just a few days of input can make a great difference in the choices one makes. Also, she/you and her doctors can and should consult with the nation's top specialists in that specific type of cancer for the current protocol if there's any doubt. All treating doctors should be willing to consult with the nation's best and follow their advice.

Although my docs were top here, the cancers I have are very rare and they consulted with the top specialists in those types of cancers at U of C, for everything from staging to mapping to treatment. It's no time to blaze one's own trail and it was very confusing to have to sort through everything and fight no less. Some "specialist" docs wanted to treat me another way, but the top rare cancer docs in the nation actually battled the so called specialists on my behalf and prolonged my life by doing so. My rare cancer yahoo group actually saved my life.

Please do connect right away with a very large online group...their knowledge and experiience will be a quick wealth of information for your mom and your family.

My best wishes for your mom and your family during this journey.


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A big prayer for you all. Always a second opinion, and do not know of an insurance company that will turn that down. Make sure it is a cancer treatment center! But it is inportant to get a second opion!


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I got 4 opinions. The first 3 would have killed me within months. Not to be contrary in any way
but cancer centers are not always all they're cracked up to be. The leading university medical centers that specialize in cancer types is the way to go.
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Jen, reading that thread about all the people here who cancer has attacked is really the place to be. You will get answers, support, meet some awesome people and laugh alot.


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I had my cancer treatment 8 years ago, and much has changed then. The cancer I had was treated with "dose dense" chemotherapy "cocktails." Every three weeks. Just about the time I started feeling better, it was time for the next treatment.

So, I can't say what would be best, lighter, more frequent treatments or stronger ones further apart. Previous posters have given excellent advice.

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