Cherry Stone Grit users...a favor

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Mar 9, 2014
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My Coop
Anybody here use cherry stone grit products? I have a favor to ask if you do.
I need someone to drop a handful into a glass of water and post a pic of what it looks like in water. I'd really really like to see #1 size if you have it.


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Dec 25, 2012
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Hope that this helps.... George:

Cherry Stone Poultry Grit comes in four pre-sorted size options:

Poultry Grit #1 is the smallest with average size of 1/16”. It is best for turkeys age 1-5 days or chickens age 1-3 weeks

Poultry Grit #2 averages 3/16”. Recommended for turkeys age 6-21 days and chickens age 4-6 weeks

Poultry Grit #3 averages 5/16”. Recommended for turkeys age 3-8 weeks and chickens age 7+ weeks

Poultry Grit #4 averages 3/8”. Recommended for turkeys age 8+ weeks

When deciding between sizes for your birds, it is usually better to select a larger size than smaller.

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