Cheshire blue's


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May 2, 2017
Leicestershire UK
I recently bought(bout a week and a day ago) what I was told is a Cheshire blue POL hen I noticed that most did not look like they had combs but more of a pouf of feathers near were their combs are. My hen on closer inspection does not have this pouf of feathers but a small comb with little bumps near the top. Anyone have Cheshire blue hens? Like this heck does anyone one have Cheshire blue hens or roosters at all and what can you tell us not what you know from having them. Btw I'm new to the whole keeping chickens thing does it show? Lol


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Apr 19, 2016
Essex UK
herd there good reliable layers of blur or porcelain white eggs. about 280+ a year. leghorn x Araucana seems to be the mix used. herd only good things about them. they don't go broody apparently. and are small and cheap to feed for thr amount of eggs and size you get x

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