Chest-butting chicks


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Aug 12, 2009
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I have 7 chicks of various breeds and unknown sexes in a bin together. They are about 5-6 weeks old. Normally they are very happy together. I have one silkie and one mutt(?) who flap their wings and 'chest-butt' each other. What the heck is THAT all about? Does this mean they are roo's ? Noone else plays that way...

They have lots of space, they are in a 45gal. bin right now with perches, etc. No pecking, just the chest-butting.

I am baffled.
My last batch did that, and the new batch I have (~4 weeks) does that.

I just figured that they're babies, and babies play. Or a pecking order thing perhaps?

I could be off base too, but that's just what I figured..
Roos will commonly bump chests and beat their wings, but some hens will get into this too, so you can't be certain they are all roos just from this behavior.
Based on their behavior, I thought they were roo's. One I am almost certain is a roo(the mutt) but I bought him because he was so darn handsome. The silkie I think is a roo is quite pushy and LOUD, lol.

Course as I type this, they are all sitting peacefully together in their bin next to me...
I have two grown hens that square off so bad - chests bumping, claws flying, wings flapping - that my roo runs for cover.
When I had my chicks in the brooder still I would take them outside every now and then. As soon as I would let them out of the box that I carried them in they would all run around doing that chest bumb thing. After they all did this then they would run and explore.
I think they were just excited when mine did it.

Yours might be bored or just playing. LOL that answer really doesn't help much.

My friend that has a lot of chickens, all you see is chickens, she has some females that full out fight like gritsar said hers will.

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