Chest feels puffy... filled with fluid???

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    I went out to check the girls water to make sure it was not was not. My black maran was very quiet. I picked her up and her chest is all puffy, feels like it is full of fluid.. She is not well!!! very lethargic, fell over when I put her down. Our coop is well ventilated no frost on inside and lots of deep shavings for bedding as well as straw in boxes. Not sure what to do, any help would be appreciated. It is currently -30 and the other girls (4) seem to be fine.

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    You need to make sure this isn't a leaking air sac (subcutaneous emphysema) from a chest injury first. If the puffiness is in her crop, it may be a case of sour crop or crop stasis. This sometimes can occur on it's own, but also may be a symptom of other problems. Getting her to take water is very important. Give her probiotics, a little pain yogurt, applesauce, soft egg, or wet chicken feed, but no whole grains. Massage the crop several times a day. Antifungal drugs such as Nystatin/Medistatin or Canesoral/Fluconazole may be helpful.

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