Chest swollen, size of a tennis ball! Help! Impacted crop??

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    Jul 29, 2016
    I came home from work and my BLS chest was swollen, the size of a tennis ball and it's hard! She seems her usual self and is eating and drinking. Maybe a little quieter than usual but not by much. She did not lay today. She is 20 weeks old and had been laying for about a week a week and a half. All the eggs were normal except for one. Last week she laid an egg with no shell. Not even a soft shell egg, it was just the yoke pretty much. Other members said it was pretty normal when they first start laying so I wasn't worried. Now I'm concerned about her. Is her crop impacted, could she be egg bound? But her vent feels ok I guess. Not really sure what I'm looking for. It's not red or hard. It's pretty soft.

    She did have some pretty runny poops earlier in the week but everything seems back to normal today and yesterday.

    How should I treat this? She is in for the night on her roost.
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    Jan 16, 2016
    If your free feeding I would take the food away till you see her in the morning. I'm too inexperience to tell you what else to do. So sorry.
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    Feel her crop first thing in the morning before she has had anything to eat or drink. If the crop is empty you are probably ok.
    Full crops can look quite large and somewhat alarming. If you are feeding her a quality poultry feed, providing fresh water daily, just a few treats, oyster shell free choice and have a source of grit you then you should have limited crop problems.

    Soft shell or shell-less eggs can be a glitch in new layers. Most chickens do not lay an egg every single day. New layers may churn out eggs for several days in a row or may even lay everyday for over a week, but then they will take a break for a day or two.

    Here's some info on what crops should look/feel like and how to treat if you do have a problem.
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