Cheyenne and her first rooster ENCOUNTER

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    So, I will set the scene for you.

    Beautiful day outside, some overgrown grass and me telling her "Go grab Speckles, Luna and Ruby for the tractor".

    So, off to the coop she goes and comes back with Luna under one arm and Speckles under the other...


    Then she returns to the coop for Ruby. Ruby is my spoiled red cochin and ruby is a talker. She yells at you when you go anywhere within eyesight looking for attention and when you pick her up vs her jumping up on you, she screams at you. So Cheyenne gets in there and Ruby is yelling in the run for attention (I can hear her at the house) and she grabs Ruby, who immediately screams like she is being tortured and her little EE roo bowed up, charged over there and went after her leg. So, Ruby is screaming, Cheyenne is yelling a Deville, Deville is yelling back and chasing her and I am about to wet myself laughing. Sorry but it was too funny not to laugh. So, she gets out of the coop and brings Ruby up for the tractor



    and says "Mom, Deville attacked me...did not hurt me but still" I said to her "He thought you were hurting Ruby BUT go back down there, snatch him up and carry him around for the next half hour or matter how ticked off he that the instant he attacks or chases you no matter the reason".

    He has never done anything like that to either of us so I really think he was protecting Ruby...but she goes back down to the coop and he was still ticked off at he grabs her on the toe of the shoe and she pancakes him to the floor, grabs him up and comes carrying him.

    He wanted down in the grass with the girls in the tractor and she would not let him...10 minutes later he had forgotten about the girls and the grass, he just wanted to sit in her lap....and 30 minutes later he had turned into a pile of Jello


    She has decided to try tomorrow to take Ruby out because Ruby is guaranteed to scream bloody murder when she grabs her...and if Deville charges or attacks, she is going to repeat the procedure. It was a shock to her that her sweet baby would go after even her if he thinks one of his girls is being hurt...I have tried to tell her that is his job but he cannot do it with us. So, she is on a rooster training mission tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.

    Just wanted to share the adventure with you all.

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