Chick 2/3rds out, was helped out as Mom had abandoned it. Now in house


8 Years
Apr 20, 2011
Gaylord, MI
With a heat lamp, water and a small dish of food. Responds to hen like sounds. Drinks, but blows bubbles with the water. Seems to have a hard time swallowing.
Doesn't get up and walk around. Kinda pushes itself up and falls down, only when it's scared though (my sister...guh)
Breathing is steady. Does open it's eyes.
I just want to know if what I did was was very chilly and windy broody got off the eggs and this little one was more than halfway out and was getting quite cold. My boyfriend helped it out and then put it back under Mom. She got back up shortly after and laid down somewhere else. The chick was sooooooo cold, we just did what we thought was best...leaving it to die was not an option!
What should I do? Leave the little one be and check on it in the morning? I'm sure it needs some rest.
Beautiful little bird....
I realize I posted this in the wrong section previously....big panic stricken dummy I am.

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