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    A lot of my friends have asked me to post pictures of my coop, so I decided this is the place to do it. Once I decided to get chickens, the hunt was on to find a coop. I searched the internet and looked for play houses and various storage buildings that were for sale. Then, a friend told my husband about a guy that was selling a 12x16 building he built for his daughter to play in and then later used it as his man cave. We were so excited when he delivered it to our house. My sweet husband was so patient as I started searching the internet looking for ideas to turn it into my dream chicken coop. So here it is... Chick-a-dee Manor!

    We use electric netting for the run area. Notice the gate to the right. Even it is electrified.

    My husband put this switch in to turn the electricity on and off.

    This is the tack room. The large container on the floor holds the feed for my layers. The buckets to the right hold oyster shell and grit. There is a smaller container to the right that also holds feed, but it is for my little ones. Additionally, there is a small amount of storage area under the nesting boxes.

    Easy access to fresh eggs. Yay!

    These shelves are great! It is amazing how much stuff one can use with chickens.



    The perch is made to rotate up for routine cleaning. When I need to replace the chips, the entire perch can be removed. (I used the air conditioner a couple of times when it was really hot. This was more for me. Who wants to clean a coop that is 90 degrees inside?)

    The automatic door is awesome!

    Notice the curtains. My sweeties love their privacy.

    This picture shows the tack room door and the door to the maternity ward/nursery. It too has an automatic door.

    Looking through the door of the maternity ward. My Rudy is sitting on her eggs. The perch is also removable.

    On a couple of occasions, I have had to resort to the "break the broodiness" cage.


    This is the left side of the coop. This large run area is divided into two sections. Chicken wire is used to section off a small area for the maternity ward/nursery, which is accessible from the large run area. It is hard to see, but there is another chicken wire door to the left of the corner of the building. This door separates the two large run areas, one on the right side of the coop and one on the left side of the coop.

    That's it. As of right now, the only regret I have is that there is no sink. Oh well, maybe next time.
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    Wow! That's every chicken's dream coop. What a nice place for them and you!
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    Very nice!

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