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crooked stripe

12 Years
Jan 14, 2008
N.E Ohio- Suffield
I was thinking on ordering some pullets. I ordered st. run the first of Feb. and most have turned out to be roos. I was hoping on receiving them the 3rd week of March in order to keep their ages close as possible. When checking on hatcheries most of the breeds are sold out. It must be the prime day old season. Meyer and Ideals web site are down as they up date to a better system. Seems they would do this in the winter when the buying pressure is off. I am really disappointed. John


11 Years
Feb 1, 2008
St Louis MO (Jefferson County)
If you are just wanting sex link pullets, you could try Griffith Poultry Farm in Fulton, MO if Cackle is sold out. (See Breeders and Backyard Hatcheries under Central Missouri Poultry Farm for my whole experience with them) He does ship and hatches on tuesdays. He has no website, but here's a pic of my black and red sex links, plus my feed store BO and NH which came from Estes Hatchery in Springfield MO. My other feedstore chicks on my member page also came from Estes Hatchery.



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