Mar 6, 2018
Our hen was broody all winter! It was too cold in our area for baby chicks and we couldn’t find any. She was sitting in her eyes, super protective and her feather ballooned out. We made the mistake of not leaving the eggs in the coop. My husband went out with the kids and came back with three baby chicks and some fake eggs. They popped them under our hen. My question is doesn’t she need to be sitting for two weeks before trying to swap them for chicks? Also....my youngest held one of them in a sort of scuffle, and the wing has a tiny wound. I’m not in favor of introducing the baby chicks in a hurry.

Should we wait till the wing is fully healed (chick is using it as normal). Can I wait a few days? Should we look at formal chick integration in a month rather than chick adoption at this point? Our hen is a docile Wyandotte.


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I've read somewhere here to add chicks when the broody's been sitting for a bit, you're thinking 2wks sounds good. However the chicks you have now will be alot older & bigger. As for the injury, a picture would help, is it bleeding? Very noticeable?

You could try sticking the chicks under her but it has to be dark/night, from the back. Be ready to remove the chicks if she doesn't accept them. Perhaps you could stick some fertile eggs under her instead?
You can try to get her to take the Chicks although you will need to put all 3 under her at the same time...Also allowing a Hen to remain Broody too long is not healthy for her. 21 days is best.. A Broody breaker would be an option if no Chicks will be hatched.
If you wait too long the Chicks won't imprint to Momma.

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