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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by fuzzy5chicks, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Aug 7, 2013
    Hello, I will soon be owning a few chicks. I am going to be doing this for the first time and want to be as prepared as possible. First, I was wondering what kind of bedding I should use. I have heard nothing but good things about sand, so I am leaning towards that. The only problem is I have not been able to find construction sand. Another thing I was concerned about was vaccinations for the chicks. Do they need it? What do you need them vaccinated for? Can most vets vaccinate chicks? How old do they have to be? It seems like chicks can take a lot of time. How frequently must they be checked on? What are some of the things to look out for (health wise)? What kind of supplies do you need? Any other things I should know? Please give some of your input. I really appreciate it.
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    [​IMG] Head for the Learning center and then try out Raising backyard poultry - with threads(topics) on raising chicks, coop building, maintance, food, watering, etc. I believe vaccinations for Mareks are given to one day old chicks
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    I use shavings, but put paper towels on top for the first couple days. They don't need vaccinations, and the hatcheries would do them. Mareks and Cocci are the most common, if not the only vaccines. Chicks, especially only a couple, don't have to take much time at all. But you'll find yourself wanting to spend lots of time with the cute little fluffballs. :) I really don't know the least about of time, I spend a lot of time with them. :) Here is a article I wrote about the basics of keeping chicks -
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    Sand is fine for the brooder, so is plain old pine shavings. That's what I've used for years.

    As for vaccinations, they are usually given to chicks before they ship out from the hatchery, if you opted for vaccine when you ordered. If you are just getting chicks from a local feed store etc. they won't generally be vaccinated. I vaccinate mine for Marek's. There are several things you can vaccinate for, you'll have to read up on poultry vaccines and see what, if any, you would want your birds to have.

    Chicks don't take all that much time but it is best if you can check on them a few times a day and make sure they haven't fouled their water, which they are awfully good at, and it's good to keep track of whether they are to hot or to cold.

    Supplies? Bedding, feeder/waterer, chick starter, heat lamp, chick grit for when they start eating treats or anything besides their starter. A cheap thermometer is helpful when first setting up the brooder so you can get an idea of how high to place the heat lamp to achieve the right temp underneath it.

    I would highly suggest buying Corid to keep on hand, liquid or powder, doesn't matter. Coccidiosis is so common in chicks and it so often seems to pop up when stores are closed. Time is of the essence in starting treatment so it's best to have it on hand.
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