chick almost suffocated

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    Sep 30, 2012
    Please help i put our chick in a cage today with a small half cut bottle with a sock lining to sleep in. The chick liked this, chick is 9days old today. came home today and couldn't find it it was stuck between the sock and the bottle, for hours, i got it out and it was just breathing, it is still with us, has spasms, and not responding normally, breathing ok. will this die, or has it suffered brain damage? should we uthanaise it.......please anyone help....
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    I'm afraid it doesn't sound good. Did you have a heat lamp in the cage? They still need a lamp but It may have gotten over heated...does it feel hot? . I would think the sock would still have some air flow......
    Keep massaging the chick , if you think it was overheated, dip his feet in some cool water. Do not try and give water in his mouth. You can inject some with vitamins under loose help hydrate him. If no response after a bit of time then I would consider putting it down...but I have had chicks pop out of some bad's are amazing. Best wishes
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    You may get all sorts of answers on this I think, because the board is full of differing opinions. Bottom line, you have to do what you believe is right for the chick.

    I wouldn't be making it any more McGyver containers, because it's a chick. A baby from almost every species is going to do what babies do: explore their new world. Do you not have a brooder box for chicks? Rubbermaid container? Cardboard box? You'll need one of those things (some sort of container), bedding and a heat lamp so it doesn't get cold.

    I'm sorry this happened.

    [Edit]: Please don't use a laundry basket. I can almost guarantee that will definitely not end well. Container must be something with solid sides, solid base and tall enough to where it can't get out. Also something with no holes for the chick to strangle itself in or break their leg in (no cages). If you absolutely have nothing to use for a brooder, I'd start taking my cupboard doors off their hinges and nailing them together to make a box. [​IMG] (just sayin' what is necessary for the chick) =]
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