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    I'm new to chicks and have a two week old chick who's breeder recommended an antibiotic after I showed him a video of the sick chick. The only antibiotic available in my town is for fish which the pet store said could be used for the bird. Anyone know how much to give a two week old chick? I can;t even begin to guess how much it weighs but it fills up my hand when I hold it. It's an olive egger. The anti biotic is either penicillin or amoxacillin. This probably isn't enough information but it's all I've got!
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    Can we see the video?
    Does the breeder have a specific "diagnosis" for the illness that your 2wk old chick has?
    If the breeder recommended an antibiotic, then they should be able to tell you the specific dosage.
    Keep in mind if the chick has an illness at that young of age that needs to be treated with antibiotics, then most likely all the chicks have the disease/illness as well. A lot of illnesses will make your flock carriers for life so that is something to consider.

    Here are common medications that can be used in chickens:

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