Chick Ate To Many Rocks


10 Years
Jun 26, 2012
Buckley, Wa
Hey all!
We have a couple seven week old olive eggers that we hatched. Both my daughters have bonded with them and have been taking very good care of them. Well yesterday I noticed that the one my seven year old Alyssa is raising had a huge crop. I mentioned this to Alyssa she told me that she fed her "chicken rocks." I asked her what she meant apparently she fed her chick quite a bit of the adult chicken grit. Today the crop is smaller but you can definitely feel the rocks inside. When I fed them this morning she only ate a bit and now is refusing to eat, even her fave mealworm treats. I can tell she is a bird not feeling well. Hanging her head and puffed up, as well as closing her eyes. Any one have any advice on what to do? Or is the a wait and see thing. My kiddo is pretty upset she really loves that little chick. Thanks
Maybe @TwoCrows can help. I'd suggest a little mineral oil & gently massaging the crop but best to wait for someone with heaps more experience than I have. I've never dealt with this & don't do chicks so please get more expert advice.
UPDATE: Not sure what is going to happen to this little girl. Not moving much today, just puffed with her eyes closed. Her crop is smaller but there are still rocks. Now however there is a golf ball size bunch of rocks in her intestines. I do not feel anything by her vent. There are so many rocks and with her being so young I cant see how they can all pass though without getting blocked. Not feeling very optimistic.
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