Chick barn cam!!!!!!!!!! New webcam!!!!


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Feb 19, 2009
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I just put it up! It is on one little serama chick with a huge mixed breed that is younger.
It is movable, so you can move it.

While I was at the fair, some friends of ours watched our chicks. Their names are Huey and Duey. Huey is a huge Blue Andulusian/Barred Rock/Ameraucauna mix. He is younger than Duey by three days. Duey is a tiny serama chick. Duey acts like Huey is his mother, even though Huey is younger. He follows Huey around, burrows under him, and peeps in distress when Huey is gone.When we went to pick the chicks up, our friends showed us this barn, complete with plastic netting, and asked us if we would like to have it. It used to be Max's barn, but he grew tired of it. His dad did a wonderful job on it. So they stapled plastic netting on and gave it to us! It came complete with wooden "straw bales" for the chicks to clomb and perch on. It has a loft too! Huey and Duey really like it
Read more, see pictures and access the cam from here:

: IT might get slow if too many people are using it. It does get cofusing when more than one person tries to move it at once, so be patient.
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Jul 19, 2009
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It's coming through just fine and clear here!
How cute is that?! Gotta ask a dumb question though...what are those blokish things I'm seeing in the bottom of the enclosure? Bricks? Mineral blocks?

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