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    Hello there! I've gotten confused about my chick bedding. My chicks are 4 weeks old now. I had their cages lined in paper towels... which they shredded and ate![​IMG] Then I bought them these bird cage liners (expensive!) that they were tracking their mess around in almost immediately. Then I added a small amount of the pine shavings at the suggestion of the feedstore owner where I bought them... that worked better. But I just was reading the bag of pet shavings that I bought and it says it is actually a "low aromatic mix of hemlock, spruce, and fir." I stuck my head in the bag and breathed deeply and didn't smell anything... so that made me feel a little better, at least it was probably better than something like smelly cedar (which I know is bad). It also doesn't seem very saw dusty- the shavings are big and fluffy. But the hemlock has me concerned. What little I saw online seemed to suggest that there are hemlock plants that ARE toxic, but that the trees are completely different. I even saw plans for coops made out of hemlock wood. Does anyone know for sure? Or does anyone know about or tried Cozy Critter Super Shavin's? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    The only shavings you want to use with chicks is pine shavings, or you can use a pellet animal bedding. The pine shaving are not that expensive and could last a while depending on how many chicks you have. If the bad says pine on it you should be fine.
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    I don't know about the hemlock but we use Wood Pellet Bedding...I think they are pine pellets. Works really great so far.

    I have used puppy pads in the past, they worked pretty well. Pea Gravel also works pretty well since it drains good. Hope you find out about the hemlock.

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