Chick behavior/facing off


10 Years
May 16, 2009
SW US Desert
One year I bought two white silky chicks. Very pretty but both turned out to be roos. They were given away to someone who sold them for $20 each. That is not the story that I want to make but it is interesting that some one would pay $ 20 for a young rooster.

As they were growing, I noticed that they would face each other make chicken sounds and fly upwards. To me they looked as if they were challenging each other. The next year I paid top price for Star sex link pullets since I only wanted eggs. They are now less that I year old and I love them and their eggs. But I noticed that they engaged in the same "facing off routine". I have the BYC fever so this year I have six D'uccle chicks who are just over a month old and they have the same behavior. Can I expect this playful behavior from all chicks ? Do the chicks which are raised out in a large yard do this also ? I do not remember this activity from my first flock of 25 plus who were raised in a large area as soon as the weather was warm enough.


12 Years
Apr 13, 2007
I have seen this with our second group but not with the first group. It looks like their way of keeping order, one minute everybody is getting along fine and all of a sudden there is a brief quarrel. They have always ended quickly and nobody gets hurt, but it is very strange at how qickly it can happen.

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