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    Aug 7, 2013
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    So my chicks are a little over a week old. These are some "chick behaviors" I've noticed. I think they are all pretty normal but would love to hear whether people see this with their chicks also and if they know the purpose.

    "Beak cleaning" - All five of my chicks often rub their beaks on the ground. First one side then the other. I've seen my friends grown chickens do it so am assuming it is normal.

    "Keep away games" - many times a day one of my chicks will find a "special" piece of pine shaving, pick it up and run. The rest then go in chase. Sometimes stealing it and then taking off. Looks like fun! [​IMG]

    "preening???" - Not sure if this is what they are doing or if they are itchy??? They are definitely getting lots of wing feathers and it looks to me like they are preening but I also wondered about whether I need to worry about bugs. I am using diatomaceous (sp) earth under the bedding so I think that would help with any pesties.

    Messy eating - a few of my chicks prefer to scratch the food out of the feeder and then root around in the shavings for it. Makes a mess but they all love digging so it seems to work pretty well.

    "Horse" Play - One chick - probably my most dominant one is a bit of a crasy lady. She doesn't seem mean but she will periodically go up to the other chicks and knock them over. Actually saw her use her foot like a karate move! None of the other chicks seem particularly bothered by her.

    I'd love to hear other funny little things that people's chicks are doing.
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    Lol. love watching chicks play!
    One of our favorites is chick football. We gave them some blueberries the other day and no one seemed interested UNTIL one chick picked up a blueberry, then it was like everyone wanted THAT blueberry. So the game began. The poor little guy trying to hold onto the blueberry and the others chasing up and down the coop!

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